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Google-friendly websites written without any trickery

We offer specialist rates for a set number of pages which can be added to at a later date.

All we need from you is

Content for your website

We can offer an hour interview by a real human being to collect this data.

Content for your website

Your colour scheme, logos and design style which can be gathered from your headed paper or hand drawn it is really up to you.

Content for your website

Testimonials. If you give us your client names we can help to gather this data for you.

We can help with

We will use Google Trends to establish what we think your best key words are which improve your Google ranking. We will check your website to ensure that there are no broken links using specialist software. We guarantee that we will use our own team of website designers which will not be sub-contracted out to other countries. You will not have all sorts of unnamed websites linking to you.

Our guarantee

If we do not produce your website in the agreed time frame then it’s free Google-friendly websites written without any trickery